HomeLister includes the seller's disclosure forms and template contracts with all listing plans. Once your listing is submitted to us, the blank disclosure forms that you need to fill out are emailed to you automatically and can also be found in your dashboard.

HomeLister does not write contracts or participate in any negotiations of the sale or closing. Contracts are typically provided by the buyer. This is because the buyer is responsible for making an offer to the seller, and this must be in written form. Different states have different requirements for contracts. It is up to the buyer to do the due diligence to adhere to these requirements.

Here are the options for if your buyer doesn't have an agent:

  1. The buyer can handle the offer or contract themselves using self-procured online resources.

  2. The buyer can find an agent who will write the offer for them. They may also have an attorney write an offer/contract.

Our Seller's Paperwork Management service means we handle the typical paperwork done for a seller by their agent. It does not include managing the buyer's paperwork. It varies by sale, but typically includes offer and contract review, counter offer process, amendments needed, response to repairs request, response to appraiser request. We coordinate with your closing and escrow agent and do digital signature for any forms they need signed. Your closing agent (real estate attorney or your title company) prepares the closing paperwork.

This service is included in the Premium or Platinum packages, and may be added to the Basic for $799. If you are interested in adding this service to the Basic plan, you may add it on this page: https://www.homelister.com/my-services

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