Do you need technical support to fill our documents or disclosures? We offer a few services tailored to how much assistance you need.

Document Support, One Time PDF Conversion

For assistance converting other file formats to a PDF for upload to your dashboard, please purchase this service. This service is a one-time only service to help convert files to a PDF file. This service is called One-Time Document Tech Support and can be added here.

Document Support, End to End

For assistance with technical support related to digital documents throughout your transaction, please purchase this service. This includes file combination, conversion, preparing documents for digital signature, and Customer Service support using Adobe or other tools. This does not include any advice on the content of the documents (no legal or licensed advice). This service is called End-to-End Document Tech Support and can be added here.

Do you need more assistance? Do you need licensed advice when reviewing offers, contracts, and addendums?

Transaction Management

Transaction Management includes end to end document support and much more. This service means we handle the typical paperwork done for a seller by their agent. It does not include managing the buyer's paperwork. It varies by sale, but typically includes offer and contract review, counter offer process, amendments needed, response to repairs request, response to appraiser request. We coordinate with your closing and escrow agent and prepare digital signatures for any forms that need completion. Your closing agent (real estate attorney or your title company) prepares the closing paperwork.

This service is included in the Premium or Platinum packages, and may be added to the Basic for an additional fee. If you are interested in adding this service to the Basic plan, you may add this service here.

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