HomeLister does not refund for services already rendered or items already fulfilled.

We are able to refund orders for a la carte services, such as professional photography or email marketing, within 24 hours of purchase, so long as the product or service has not yet been fulfilled. If you have paid for an a la carte service as an add-on to your package and would like to cancel it, please contact us.

Our pricing varies by state, and in most states there is a partial listing fee due upfront, with the remainder of the package price due at closing. You can view the current pricing in your state on our Pricing page.

Listing fees are not refundable. This includes the upfront listing payment.

Some circumstances may require the entire listing fee to be paid upfront. Some examples include: sale listings that are tenant occupied, homes with known title issues, a second listing before the first is sold, condo conversions not yet complete, properties with pending evictions, etc. Rental listings are also paid upfront as there is no closing to track. If you have questions about whether your property would fall into this category, please contact us.

For listings that require a listing fee paid upfront, the fee is not refundable.

HomeLister does not accept returns, therefore physical items that are shipped to you are non-refundable. This includes flyer boxes, open house signs, and lock boxes.

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