A lockbox is a secure storage container that requires a specific code in order to access the contents inside. This can be a set of keys, access cards, or key fobs. In most cases, a lockbox is used to hold a set of house keys and is a secure way to allow buyers' agents to conduct showings with your permission without you having to be present.

Having a lockbox increases security and convenience for sellers. In most showings, someone has to be available every time a potential buyer wants to view your property in order for them to conduct a walkthrough. This can be inconvenient if your property is not nearby or can impede on your daily schedule. Agents may be less inclined to suggest your home to their buyers if they have difficulty scheduling showings for your property. Having a lockbox allows buyers and their agents more flexibility which may increase the number of showings and potential offers.

A digital lockbox has the ability to create multiple codes for one-time or recurring use remotely, set access for specific timeframes, and mobile connectivity via Bluetooth functions. With a digital lockbox, agents are given a digital code that is valid only for that showing and access to the lockbox may be turned on and off through an app on your phone. A combination lockbox typically has a spin-dial or panel where a series of numbers or letters must be manually entered in order to gain access. This kind of lockbox cannot have multiple combinations at a time. Having a digital lockbox allows sellers to manage their showings from anywhere and anytime.

Digital lockboxes are included in HomeLister's Platinum package, or you can purchase a digital lockbox through the services section of your Dashboard.

For more details on how to set up your Igloo digital lockbox, click here.

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