Staging is preparing your home to make it appealing to potential buyers. Staging often involves cleaning, painting, rearranging furniture, and making minor repairs. This is a great strategy in order for potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home. Staging is beneficial because it gives the impression that your home is ready to move into without needing major renovations or repairs done which can often deter buyers. With the right strategy, staging can make your house look more spacious, brighter, and overall more enticing to buyers.

A staging report is a written report prepared by a HomeLister real estate professional with expert advice on how to stage your home. The staging report is included in the Premium and Platinum Packages.

If your package includes a staging report, please upload photos of each room on the house that you would like advice on to your account here: Our experts will evaluate and write up a staging guideline to help your home look its best. We can provide the staging report within 2 business days of having the photos uploaded.

For some general staging tips, click here.

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