Using the digital lockbox app, there are 2 ways to ensure that agents/buyers are only accessing your home at the agreed to time. The Bluetooth function on the app allows you to retain the viewer's contact information, whereas the temporary one will not.

Bluetooth function:

  1. On the app, select "Manage Lock" in the upper right hand corner

  2. Scroll down to "Share Guest Access"

  3. Create the guest by inputting their contact details 

  4. It will ask you how long you would like this guest to have access. Select "Advanced Mode."  This option will allow you to choose what day and times.

  5. Share it with the guest: A message will be sent to the agent/buyer via the contact details you inputted for them (text, email, etc.) detailing when they will have access to your property.

Temporary Access
You can set up the digital lockbox so that the code is only available for a 4-hour period.  If they need to gain access at a later date or time, they will need a new code. 

Instructions to set up the 4-hour time access code:

  1. On the app, choose your lock

  2. On the top right corner, click on "Manage Lock"

  3. On the top right corner click on the gear symbol

  4. Select "Share Temporary Lock Code": this will give you a 4-hour window for access. You can either send the code to the viewer/agent now or set it up to send at a future time.

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