You are ready to show your home and have a digital lockbox. 

How to set up my lock

  1. Go to

  2. Select "Sign Up/ Register". 

  3. Set up your profile.  A verification code will be sent to that email address, which you will need to create your username and password.

  4. Create your username and password. You will need the verification code to do this. 

  5. Now that you've signed up, go to "My Products" and hit the green button to add your lockbox.  You will need to use the Activation Code. This is 10-character code starting with "A", which can be found in the upper left corner of the instructions that were provided with the lockbox. 

Download the app

  1. Once you download the app, open the app using the username and password that you created.  

  2. Select your lock.

Is my phone compatible?

The Bluetooth® locks are designed to work with devices that are built to Bluetooth® v4.0 (or higher) specifications and can be used with communicate with iOS and Android platforms.

You will need the following OS versions, which you determine your device's phone's settings.
iOS Version: 10 or later. Device: 6 or later.
Android Version: 5 or later. Device: Various.
Web Management: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer (Edge).

Now you're ready to go!
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