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Should I List While I Still Have Tenants?
Should I List While I Still Have Tenants?
Is is better to wait until the tenants have vacated my property, or can I list while they still live there?
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For homeowners that are renting their property, consider these issues when deciding if you should wait to list your home until the tenants are gone, or to list it while they are still living in the home.

  1. If the tenants are vacating soon, you may want to wait. It will be easier for you to show the home without the tenants in it. Scheduling showings can be more complicated with tenants in the property.

  2. Consider whether the tenants keep your property in good, clean condition. If the tenants are particularly messy or the property could use minor improvements, you may want to wait. Such conditions are not conducive to great real estate photography or showings.

  3. If your home is great for families and you are planning to list during the summer season, it can be beneficial to list while the property is occupied, rather than wait. You want to maximize your exposure to buyers who want to be in by the start of the school year.

  4. For late Summer or early Fall listings, we suggest moving forward even with the tenant in place. You generally want to get into escrow before the holidays, when the real estate industry slows.

If you do decide to show your property with tenants still occupying, consider offering them a slight rent reduction or small bonus at closing to make the tenant cooperative with your sale and showings. Treat them with the same courtesy you would want from your landlord. Be sure to communicate that a For Sale sign is coming. The ideal cooperation you want from them is having your place looking great for photography and showings.

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