Yes, you can list land for sale with HomeLister.

Here is what you need to do to get started:

  1.  Create an account with HomeLister and start a listing with the closest address or the actual address, if available. If your lot doesn't have an address or the address isn't found by Google Maps, using a nearby address to start the listing will work.  If you use a nearby address to start the listing, let us know and we will edit it to bypass Google Maps and to be the correct lot.

  2. Select the type of home based on the zoning of the property.  For example, select Detached House if it is zoned as a single family home lot to get started.

  3. Enter any information that is relevant to a lot like views, etc. and ignore anything that isn't relevant like bedrooms, or select 0.

  4. Make sure to enter the correct APN (tax assessors number) at the bottom of the details page.  This is important for listing the home correctly.

  5. Continue through the remaining steps to complete the listing price, description, photos, etc.

  6. Chat back with us here or send us an email at to let us know you've entered that info and we will send you a listing agreement and the few additional questions needed for land by email.

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