Our site is primarily designed for sales, however, we can list properties for rent as well. Rentals are the same price as sales ($599) and are required to be paid upfront because there is no closing that we can track.

How to list as a rental on HomeLister:

  1. Create a listing online here.

  2. Enter all relevant details, including price to rent, tenant agent commission (please specify to us if this is a % of the total lease amount or a % of the monthly rent amount.)

  3. Select "Pay Listing Fee up Front" on this page and complete payment on the following page.

  4. All title holders must sign the agreement at the end.

Please note that Zillow no longer automatically syndicates to rental listings. Zillow does have a way for us to manually syndicate the rental listing, however, it takes additional labor to do so. If you would like for our brokerage team to do this, there is an additional fee and you may add the "2nd MLS Listing" service on this page.

Redfin also does not syndicate to rental listings. We do not have a way to manually add a rental listing to Redfin at this time.

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