ShowingTime is a third party app that allows buyers’ agents to contact you to schedule a showing. We give you access to MyHome, ShowingTime seller's app, with your listing.

Here is how it works:

Once you receive your first showing request through ShowingTime, you will receive an invitation from ShowingTime to set up your account through your email.

**Please note that ShowingTime does not allow a seller to access their MyHome/ShowingTime account until a showing request has been made. You will receive an email from ShowingTime notifying you to access your account.**

The invitation will be sent to the email address you have listed as your primary showing contact email. You can download the app or respond to the text. You can also log in at

Once you have created an account, you can select how you would like to receive notifications. The options are text, app notification, email, or phone call. You can confirm requested showings through any of the methods you have selected. You will also have the ability to decline, cancel, or propose a new time showing time.

ShowingTime is not used by all agents. Some agents may contact you directly to schedule a showing for their clients which will not be registered in the ShowingTime application. Additionally, some MLSs do not use ShowingTime at all. Agents will reach out to sellers directly or through another application, if applicable.

ShowingTime will automatically request feedback from any agent that requested a showing through ShowingTime. Sellers will receive this feedback if the agents respond.

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