ShowingTime is a third party app that allows buyers agents to contact you to schedule a showing.  Here is how it works.

Once you receive your first showing request through ShowingTime, you will receive an invitation from ShowingTime to set up your account through your email. It will come to the email address you listed as your showing contact email.  You can download the app or respond to the text.  Once you are set up, you can select how you would like to receive notifications:  through text, app notification, email or phone call.  You can confirm requested showings through any of the methods you selected.  Likewise, you can cancel a showing or suggest a new time as well. 

Not all agents use ShowingTime, so if they call you directly it won't register in the ShowingTime app.  It is more commonly used in some MLSs than other so some people get a lot of requests this way and some don't get any if it isn't in use locally.  Additionally some MLSs don't allow ShowingTime at all, though this is rare.

ShowingTime will automatically request feedback from any agent that requested a showing through ShowingTime and this will be sent to you if they respond.

Unfortunately many MLSs do not allow the seller version of the app to show the name of the showing agent who made the request.  What you can do is send a message back through ShowingTime asking them to send you their name and phone number so you will have it.

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