1. Click Review Agreement on the agreement page.

  2. The agreement window opens up

  3. Click on the blue Get Started Button at the top of the page

  4. Click in the blue box to either Sign or Initial whichever comes first

  5. A box will open to create your signature or initial.  On the left you may select either Draw it in, Type it in or Upload Image. 

  6. Once you have your initial or signature, Click either the Insert button to insert here and go to the next signature or initial box or Insert Everywhere to insert in all signature boxes.

  7. Click the blue Next button at the top to see if there are any more areas requiring signature.

  8. When there are no more initials or signatures you will see a blue Continue button at the top of the agreement box. Click that to continue.

  9. Click I Agree to accept digital signature rules.

  10. You should now see a screen saying that your document is submitted and you may close the window.

If there is a second title holder who needs to sign, they will now be sent an email requesting signature.  They must click on this email to sign the listing agreement. 

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