Here's how long it takes for a listing change to appear everywhere on the internet.  It takes longer than most people think and this article will explain all the timing components involved.

From the time that you create an open house on, it takes up to 1 business day for the change to be updated in the MLS database.  Even when manually entered, it takes several hours for changes to show up on many MLS websites and agent sheets.  From then, it will take 2-24 hours for those changes to appear on Zillow, and other websites, depending on when they update their website or listing feed.  

If you do not see a change show up on or Zillow in the appropriate amount of time, send us a note and we can force them to update their feed.  All of the sites have been making changes recently that have caused intermittent errors and only after their stated window to update a listing passes, we can engage their support team to look into it.

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