Here's how long it takes for an Open House to appear everywhere on the internet.  It takes longer than most people think and this article will explain all the timing components involved.

MLSs require Open Houses to be manually entered into the MLS by a HomeLister agent.  From the time that you create an open house on, it takes up to 1 business day for an agent to post the open house in the MLS.

Once entered in the MLS, some MLSs will still take several hours to post it even on the MLS website and agent sheets.  From then, it will take 2-24 hours for that open house to appear on Zillow, and other websites. Open house processing on these websites is slower than other types of listing updates and we have seen it take the full 24 hours for an open house to appear on once it is live in the MLS.

On our website, we require that Open Houses be scheduled 48 hours in advance because of the time it takes for the various sites to update with open houses.  If you would like to schedule an open house with less notice, chat with us and we will make every effort to get it posted for you with enough time for people to see it even though we cannot guarantee it will be posted in time.

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