The last step of our signup process (8: Agreement) is having all title holders sign the listing agreement.  Here are some of the most common questions that we get about the agreement you will sign.

The reason you are signing a listing agreement is that a listing agreement is required by the MLS in order for us to list your house. 

  1. What is the term of the listing agreement?  The term of our listing agreement is 6 months because that is more time than is needed for most houses to sell.  However, we only put an end date on the listing agreement because the MLS requires it.  Once you are listed with HomeLister, the listing is effectively until you cancel or your house sells.  Once the listing expires, you may extend it for as many 6 month periods as you like without any additional fee.

  2. Can I really cancel at any time with no fee?  As long as you have not accepted an offer, you may cancel your listing agreement with us at any time directly on the website, or by email.  Your obligation to pay the listing fee extends for 30 days beyond the cancellation date because we do not track contacts that you make with buyers and do not know if it was our ad that brought a buyer to you. However, if you have listed with another agent, your obligation to pay ends as of the date of your agreement with that agent.

  3. Are there any other required fees beyond what is listed in the package?  No, there are never any hidden or other required fees.  When you sell your house, you will pay us only the amount listed in the package you selected.  In some states there are required reports and fees that apply to all sales, however, these are not paid to us (for example, a Natural Hazard Report in CA) and are generally paid to a title company and required whether you use us, someone else, or no one to help you sell.

  4. Can I get my fees refunded if I sign with a full service agent?  Yes!  We offer a money back guarantee.  If you decide to sign with a full service agent who provides us with a referral, we will refund any fees that you have paid us, including upfront fees, when you sell. 

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