Congratulations on accepting an offer! In order to update your listing to pending, the MLS requires a few pieces of information from us.  

Here are the directions on how to change your status to Pending and provide all the necessary details:

  1. Upload a copy of the signed sales contract.

  2. Fill out MLS required information about the sales contract, such as relevant dates, as well as your escrow contact information.

    1. If you do not have all the escrow details at this time, you may enter the information you have and fill the rest in later.

    2. Please indicate on that page if you wish to continue to show for back up offers as well.

  3. When your signed contract is uploaded and the contract details on this page are complete, we will update your listing status on the MLS.

We will send our invoice directly to your escrow agent to be paid out of closing proceeds when the sale closes. To pay the listing fee upfront, you would select "Pay Listing Fee Up Front" under Packages and Services.

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