How do offers get submitted?

We instruct buyer's agents to submit offers to you directly and to copy HomeLister on the email. Some agents will only send the offers to us, in which case, we will always forward those directly to you for consideration.  

Will HomeLister assist with offer reviews and counter offers?

We can definitely help with reviewing offers and submitting counter offers. This is a part of our Transaction Management Service, which is included in our Premium and Platinum plans, but can be added onto our Basic plan for a fee. When purchased, we will help you review all offers and will help you prepare any counter offers you wish to make. 

What should I do when I accept an offer?

Once you have accepted an offer, please upload the signed, accepted offer within 24 hours of acceptance here: and fill in escrow details as well. This will enable us to update the MLS status correctly.

If you do not have all the escrow details at this time, you may enter the information you have and fill the rest in later. Please indicate on that page if you wish to continue to show for back up offers as well.

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