What if I decide not to sell my home?

Our listing agreement is for 6 months. If your listing has not yet been published, you may cancel at any time for no additional fee. Once your listing is published, there is a $99 cancellation fee if you cancel within the first 30 days of your listing being published. After your listing has been live for 30 days, there is no additional cancellation fee to cancel*.

If you do decide to cancel your published listing, the full listing fee (based on your purchased package) is still due to HomeLister if you sell or rent the property, unless you have re-listed your property with another agent who is due a fee on the transaction.

To cancel, please reach out to us in writing, via chat or email. If a fee is applicable, you will be invoiced. Once your invoice is paid, you will receive an amendment to sign 24 hours later, which, when signed, confirms your cancellation. Your listing will be removed from the MLS in 1 business day.

*Some GA and NY MLSs require a cancellation fee which will be billed at the time of cancellation.

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