You can create an open house in your My Listings Dashboard.:  On the left hand side select Open Houses & Showings.  

To create an open house, select the date, the start time and the end time then hit the save button.  

Open houses must be posted at least 48 hours before the open house time – This is because it takes some websites up to 24 hours to update the listing with the open house information.

Even if you create an open house before your listing is live in the MLS, the open house will not show up on some sites like for several hours after the listing is live. Open houses take a few hours longer to show up.(We don’t know why either!)

On the open houses section of My Listings you will find an Open House Digital Sign In sheet.  You can use this to collect and store open house visitor information instead of a paper sign in sheet.  To use it, just click the button and it will open in a new window for your visitors to use..

We provide open house directional signs for order in your My Listings Dashboard.

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