We put your contact information directly into the MLS for agents to call you directly. Public search sites follow MLS rules of not allowing seller contact information to be published for privacy protection. For that reason, we have a call forwarding system where when a buyer calls our toll-free line, they enter your MLS ID and the call gets forwarded to your phone for you to answer.

If they speak to a customer service agent, we will give them your contact information so they can call you directly. Emails are similarly forwarded directly to you to answer. That way contacts come directly to you without having to publish your contact information.

For public search sites, the automated contact information will be our toll-free number (855-400-8566) and our email address (forsale@homelister.com).  

We do not speak to buyers on your behalf and we do not assign buyers that contact us to an agent, we only forward them to you to speak with them directly.

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