Here is how contact information works for our listings.  

We publish your direct phone number in the MLS listing in the Private Remarks field to agents and instruct them to contact you directly.   Although some do, most MLSs do not make the Private Remarks field visible on the link that we send out.  

You may put your direct contact information at the end of your home description.  It will show up on Zillow.  However, the MLS does not allow contact information to be put in the description of the home, so it will not appear there.  Almost all the other websites (such as follow the MLS rules and will not allow contact info in the description. 

For public search sites, the automated contact information will be our toll free number (855-400-8566) and our email address (  All calls received are either forwarded by the phone system to the showing contact number you provided, or if they reach an operator instead of using the automated system, they are given your number to call you directly.  Any emails that we receive for your listing are forwarded to the email you give us.  

We do not speak to buyers on your behalf and we do not assign buyers that contact us to an agent, we only forward them to you to speak with them directly.

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