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What is the MLS? Why is it important?
What is the MLS? Why is it important?
Multiple Listing Service
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MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. This is the system that real estate agents use to create and share properties for sale.

Though the MLS is often talked about as if it is a single system, there are actually hundreds of MLSs, usually defined by zip codes, county or metropolitan areas.  Most homes only fall within the boundaries of a single MLS. Sometimes, there are exceptions to that and agents will post your home in more than one MLS if your property falls within multiple boundaries. Your real estate agent will only post your property within local MLSs.

Only real estate agents can create a listing in an MLS. If you don't want to pay a full commission realtor, that is where HomeLister comes in. When you use our service, we post your listing in the MLS for you which gives you access without having to pay the full commission to an agent.

Publishing your listing on the MLS ensures that it will also appear on all public brokerage websites that your MLS allows (including Zillow, Trulia and The list may include hundred of other realtor websites such as Redfin, Movoto, Homefinder, Century 21, and many more. 92% of all homes sold are listed on the MLS. It is still a critical tool in marketing your home and making sure that your listing receives as much exposure as possible in order to find buyers.

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