Buyers spend an average of 5 months looking for homes before they finally purchase. That means it's important to act like a salesperson and follow up on every buyer lead that reaches out to you. Here are 3 tips for how to keep buyers interested in your house.

1.  Respond Quickly!

This is the number one tip. The faster you respond, the more likely a buyer will remain interested. 94% of buyers said that they expect a response within one hour and studies have shown that responding within five minutes makes a buyer 78% more likely to schedule a showing than responding within thirty minutes. In the age of instant communication, fast responses work best for keeping buyers moving!

2. Follow up!

In the sales world, everything from selling a car to donation requests, it takes between 5-6 outreaches (emails, calls, or texts) to get the average person to respond and take an action. Don't be afraid to keep reaching out if they have communicated with you. The best way to do this without alienating the buyer is to add them to property update communications (see below). Just be sure to stop communicating if they inform you they are no longer interested.

3. Mailing list!

Create a property mailing list (and make sure to add everyone as a bcc: so that you aren't exposing their details to others on the list) and send out updates about the house to everyone that has communicated with you. A good example of updates are open house schedules, any special events, and notifications of price drops or other changes in the listing.

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