Technology plays a huge role in all of our lives and real estate is no different. There are so many apps and tools out there today that agents use to help get the word out about their listings and to make their daily lives easier. Many of these are free or very inexpensive and available to anyone! Here are 7 of our favorite resources you should consider looking into to make your real estate transaction easier.

1. DropBox Sign

We use this great program for all of our integrated e-signatures and it is a great way to have documents signed on the go! This company operates like Docusign and allows you to scan a document with your phone’s camera and add a signature. You can then email the signed document to whoever it needs to go to!

2. iMovie

iMovie is included with many Apple computer purchases and is a tried and true way to make movies. You can use the program in a variety of ways for your real estate transaction. Video tours of a property really help buyers get a feel for the space and help your home stand out against the competition in the marketplace.

3. SiteGeist

Buyers are looking for more than a home when they search, they are looking for a lifestyle. The neighborhood around you can be as important as the actual home to a potential buyer. SiteGeist gives you information on a neighborhood from demographics to locations of parks. Learn the information your buyer wants so you can share it with them.

4. RoOomy

Have an empty room or two that would look a lot better with some furnishings? Save yourself the time and money of going shopping for furniture and look into RoOomy! This app lets you place actual furnishings into rooms to give buyers an idea of the actual space.

5. Houzz

Be inspired! Houzz is one of the most popular apps on the market that helps you get inspiration for home redecoration. Stay updated on current trends to make sure your home looks the way buyers expect. Houzz is also a great way to get ideas for decorating your new home!

6. MagicPlan

Having a floor plan for your home can really help potential buyers better envision the space. They can look at the furniture they will be bringing with them in the move and plan out how it may fit into the space. Also, if they are thinking about doing any remodeling, floor plans can be invaluable in helping them know how a home may fit into their future needs,

7. Canva

Having an open house? One of the best tools you can arm yourself with at these is a flyer. Buyers typically search a variety of properties hopping from one open house to another. Having a flyer allows them to go back and remember features of your home. Canva is a free online tool with templates that allow you to create crisp, designed flyers to really blow prospective buyers away!

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