Good photos can make your home stand out in MLS and other websites that buyer’s use to find their homes. Taking a few extra moments to make everything look its best can mean real money in your pocket. Sellers that take the time to follow some of the tips below can see faster sales at higher prices in the long run.

We always recommend letting a professional photographer do the job for you. But if you want to do the job yourself (you are selling your home yourself, after all), here are the top 7 tips to help you get the job done like a professional.

1. Clean Up!

In order to make your photos look great, you have to make your house look great. Put everything away, vacuum everything (including the furniture and curtains), and clear off all horizontal surfaces so they are free of clutter. The floor should also be bare, except for furniture. The longer your eye travels without hitting an object, the bigger and airier the room looks. Don't be afraid to move stuff out of the way to take a picture, then move it all back when you're done.

2. Brighten Up!

Make sure there is enough lighting in your photos. Try to take the photos with enough sunlight (but not glaring direct sunlight). If the room isn't bright enough, add lamps and take them with you from room to room - you can put them just out of the frame of the photo if they don't fit with the room.

3.  Cheer it Up!

Add some flowers - get a few bunches and rotate them from room to room as you photograph. Flowers are a cheap way to make a room seem happy and inviting. Add some accent pieces that will compliment your home.

4. Get the Angle.

Consider the best angle and position for your photos when you take them - don't just start snapping pictures. Often, horizontal photos look better in marketing and on MLS listings. Consider how to optimize the angles and final shots to make your home look its best! Taking photos from the corner of the room can make it feel larger. But, avoid the eagle eye photo that distorts the room, it leads to distrust of the photos overall.

5. Stage, Stage, Stage.

Don’t be afraid to move things around a little to make the space really shine! Putting in a few accessories (or removing some), can make photos seem more inviting and make rooms feel more cozy. Removing family photos can help buyers envision themselves in the space, rather than you. It is easier for people to see themselves in a clean slate home than a very decorated one.

6. Be Selective.

Make sure that you get a primary listing photo that will get potential buyers to click on your listing. Also, showcase each room of your home that is important to buyers - especially kitchens, outdoor spaces, and bathrooms. (Don't forget to close the toilet lids, clear counters, etc. to make sure these spaces look their very best!)

7.  Arrange the photos like a tour.

Put your photos in a order that will help buyers understand the layout of the house. All the first floor photos first, second floor second, etc. This will allow potential buyers to envision themselves walking through your home and actually living there.

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