Why is the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) important for selling a home?

Q: With Zillow and Trulia why do you need an MLS listing to sell your home? Can't I just list my home there and everyone will see it?

A: While it is true that a lot of people search for homes on Zillow and Trulia and Realtor.com, many people also search for homes on Redfin, Homefinder, Century 21, or any of hundreds of other home search sites. Zillow and Trulia have between 15% and 45% of real estate traffic depending upon the location.  That is great, but isn't 100% of buyers.  Posting your listing on the MLS ensures that it will also appear on all the brokerage search sites and every other search site out there (including Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com).

92% of all homes sold are listed on the MLS. It is still a critical tool in marketing your home and making sure that every possible buyer can find it.

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