Has your home sat on the market longer than you expected? Have showings become less regular? It is important to keep a listing fresh in this competitive market to continually attract new buyers to view your property. Here are 11 easy ways to boost the traffic to your home:

1. Adjust the price

Lowering your price even a small amount will attract new buyers. Not only may it put the home in their price range but most MLS feeds feature “price adjustments.” Agents and buyers will see your home on this fresh new feed. Some sites also sort their listings by newest changes. If you are directly above a price break, such as $505,000, move the price below the price break to $499,000 in order to be included in more searches. (HomeLister allows price changes of $4500 or more.)

2. Host an Open House

Open Houses are great ways to get buyers into the door without much commitment on their part. Are there other listings for sale in your neighborhood? Talk to them about doing a group open house to encourage a group of buyers to the neighborhood. Many buyers actually search for open houses, so this will help your listing come up in more searches. Click here to learn more about Open Houses.

3. Launch a Facebook Campaign

Social media is one of the growing ways buyers find homes in today’s market. Consider doing a Facebook ad that targets buyers in your area. You can segment by location, income, likelihood to move, etc. to really attract the right eyes to your listing.

4. Consider an Online Ad Campaign

Google Ad campaigns can help target potential buyers to your home. Click here to learn more about adding on an online ad campaign with HomeLister.

5. Invest in Professional Photos

Changing up the quality and number of photos on your listing can really give a fresh new perspective to potential buyers. If you did not purchase professional photos originally, consider doing so after your listing has been on the market a while. Professionals know how to make your home look its best with lighting, staging, etc. Click here to learn more about professional photography.

6. Stage Your Home

Staging can help buyers really see themselves in the space and be a great investment to get a home sold. Click here for staging tips.

7. Make Repairs

Consider making small repairs that you had hoped not to make when you listed the home, especially if they are visibly in need of repair. Although these may be low cost, they are annoyances for a potential buyer. Fixing them ahead of time just makes your home all that more impressive against the competition.

8. Paint

A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference! Consider toning down any bold colors with something more neutral. Also, look at the exterior of your home to see if any touch-ups need to happen. Remember this is the first impression!

9. Add a Yard Sign

Although it seems simple, many sellers do not invest in a sign. Although the internet has certainly changed the game, you still hear about people driving neighborhoods and buying a home based on a sign. This small investment may make a big difference! HomeLister listings all include one complimentary yard sign, and more signs can be ordered at an additional cost.

10. Create or Order a Custom Flyer

Flyers help generate interest and remind buyers of the many qualities of your home in comparison to others they see. Click here to learn more about HomeLister custom flyers.

11. Use a Lockbox

Make your home as easy for agents to show as possible. This allows agents to show your home even if you are not available. Many buyers also prefer to view the property without the pressure of a seller. Click here to learn more about lockboxes.

These 11 methods will generate more activity to your home and help refresh your listing! Remember that this is a big purchase for buyers so it is typically not a quick decision. Continually improving the property and exposure will eventually get your home sold!

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