You may make changes to your listing at any time. There are no fees to make changes. We generally allow as many changes as you need with the following exceptions. Accounts that continuously make changes to their listings such as changing descriptions, photos or anything else will be limited to one set of changes per week, at the discretion of the brokerage team. This is not an effective sales tactic.

Changing the description, order of photos or anything else in a listing will not return you to the top of the search results on any real estate website and continuously making changes to a listing is a negative signal to buyers. We also will not make price changes that are not substantial. A price change of $1 or $50 is not a genuine price change, does not move your listing up the list of results and does not help you sell your home.

Your My Listings Dashboard is where you manage your listing after it is live.  

  1. In your Dashboard, select Edit My Listing. This will open a new view where you have the option to review and edit all of your listing details. 

  2. Use the left side menu to navigate. If you want to edit your listing price, click on "Price & Sale Terms". If you want to edit your photos, select "Marketing" then click on "Photos".

  3. After your changes are complete, click the "Continue" button to save your changes. 

Changes take up to 1 business day to reflect in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Some changes, such as price changes and buyer's agent commission changes, require a signed amendment. Our team will send you the amendment via email to sign within one business day, and the MLS will be updated once signed.

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